18 February 2011

A gap in the market

Don't you love it when you read an article about someone who has built an empire because they 'spotted a gap in the market'. Well, I think I have.....spotted a gap, that is.

As I am recovering, at home, from a hip replacement I have had a hard time coming up with 'what to wear', that will accommodate 1) the nurse, who takes blood pressure, gives injections,changes dressings and more. 2) the physiotherapist, who puts me through my paces. 3) me, who wants to nap a lot. 4) visitors, who want to have tea, gossip and make me laugh. 4) R, who is looking after me so well and would like to see me up and about.
Very smart, chic, unusual, but serviceable pajamas would be the ticket .

I have a couple of sets from Calvin Klein, but I hate paying top $ for shoddily made, cheap fabrics.
I went to etsy, but could not find what I wanted, not even from sandmaidensleepwear....and they do lovely lingerie.
Lots of super jersey tops, but none came with matching loose bottoms (though I bet many shops would be willing to make specially for you)
Caprirose (above) had really fun prints, perhaps I could get away with these.

Any suggestions welcome.....

another pretty etsy treasury....see my vintage scarf in row 3.

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  1. Hello! What a please it is to meet a fellow Vintage Textile lover!! Your idea of serviceable pajamas is a great one. Finding the right fabric will be tough at first, but I'm sure it's gonna be great once you do. Do you live near a major city that might have a garment or fabric district? When I lived in CA, I would drive up to Los Angeles garment district and drool over all the fabric they had. Maybe you have one near you and don't even know it.
    Patricia :o)


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