20 February 2011

I love this print

Listed on etsy this week a 1930-40s quilt top. I just love this exuberant, jazz printed cotton, straight out of the jazz /swing age (or a bit later) with a bit of stride thrown in.

I'm also rather fond of the pajama stripes, they never date.

and a typical 30s fruit print. This top is not in particularly good condition, but too good to waste, and I enjoyed looking at, feeling , learning and ironing these old textiles. It's the part of this little business I like best.

etsy news

this fabulous quilt, a bold 1930s 'grandmothers garden was featured in a lovely treasury Comfort is the Key, put together by HummingbirdHideaway, a charming country vintage shop.

and my 70s scarf is the first item up on this bright T.


  1. I am really partial to the fruit print- love those fabrics from the 30's and 40's. What fun you must have working with all those vintage fabrics!

  2. I like stripes too:) Thanks for your comment, sorry that the header upsets you:)) I love it, at last there are real signs. But it can still go pear shaped:( One newer knows..

  3. I too love pressing and folding fabrics, it really is a joy...although I am now considering a sideways move into confectionary after todays comments!!

  4. Loving the first print, saving it as an inspiration pic.

  5. Gotta love the feel of old (even if worn out to some!) textiles beneath your fingertips!

  6. Jan - I so enjoy looking at fabrics like this top red one - so cheery - and somehow relaxes me into a simpler frame of mind. Gilly


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