28 May 2014

Glasgow rose

Quite a shock to see the footage of Glasgow School of Art burning to the ground.

 So I thought I would show you some images of the windows in my house in mid town Toronto....built in 1927.

 Now, you can't tell me the local window glass maker was not influenced by the Scottish Arts and Crafts Movement....or any of these..

Charles Rennie MacIntosh lives on!


  1. I love the Art Nouveau look. The windows are super.

  2. lovely windows. last summer I toured the stained glass museum at Chicago's Navy Pier, and it includes several windows like yours salvaged from houses.

    1. I imagine Chicago would have ( had ) many buildings from this era. Most likely our house will be torn down when we kick the bucket.

  3. The Art School hasn't actually burned to the ground, thankfully and the students who lost their degree show and graduation work have been offered bursaries to compensate, although no amount of money can alleviate the heartbreak that has ensued because of the fire. Your windows are indeed beautiful.

  4. I hadn't heard about the fire - how sad for all involved. Your windows are delights - I love stained glass.

  5. I hadn't heard either - hopefully all is not lost.

    Your windows are absolutely beautiful - I adore them. You must make a living will saying they must not be destroyed or, at the very least, put a curse on anybody that does ;)

  6. yes, the fire, very sad although not as bad as they first feared........how are you? Getting better every day i hope...

  7. Your windows are gorgeous. You must leave a will specifically staying exactly what you wild like done with them. They are to beautiful to be destroyed.
    Happy all want lost in fire.


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