24 May 2014

what to do with an Hermes scarf

What to do with an Hermes scarf?

Invite your friends, ex nurses, over to help fashion some slings

because you have a fractured shoulder.

This all went a little bit better after a glass or two of wine,  We became bored with the Hermes collection

 and thought we would try a Liberty scarf also,  as I was wearing a Liberty print shirt.

 I feel much smarter now. Thank goodness for friends and neighbors.

More Hermes scarves here.....and Liberty silk scarves too. from my somewhat vast collection.


  1. Oh no! A shoulder injury doesn't sound good at all. I really commiserate with you on that one but at least you are fractured in style!

    1. not good at all....never been in so much pain in my life ( I have had 3 children, 2 hip replacements, broken ankle, collar bone, wrist and rib ...not all at the same tine)

  2. I don't think your pretty scarves were meant for this particular use, but at least you'll be stylish while you heal.

  3. Just catching up with your posts and sorry to hear about the shoulder. Sounds horribly painful but the contrasting Liberty prints do look great together!

  4. you have some pretty special slings there ! I do hope you are getting better? It sounds so painful....:(

  5. 'We became bored with the Herm├Ęs collection'

    Did you now? Poor you! ;)


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