07 December 2015

travels with my knitting

An update on my knitting adventures.

Baby outfit from a 1940s-50s pattern made from yarn of unknown origin bought from a street market in Florence for 1 euro. Mother of pearl old buttons from New Zealand.

Baby blue vintage wool, possibly pre war, bought on the skein from a charity shop in Pocklington some years ago. Must have been many years ago as I was there for my nephews wedding and now they have three strapping boys!
 My favorite 1930s Beehive pattern.

  I also acquired this old swift in Yorkshire on the same trip,but it fell apart mid-wind. What did I expect for 2 pounds sterling? Seen winding the above pre-war wool. I finished this wee outfit in Paris last month.

This summer I succumbed and actually bought some brand new yarn. I could not resist this 100% untreated blueface leicester wool from The Georgian Bay Fibre Company. Bought at their market stall in Parry Sound. Kettle dyed, the colour is 'Watt Nannyberry'.not showing very well but it is just like crushed mulberries and was an absolute pleasure to have in the hands,
I will be back for another skein  next summer.

 Last month I picked up a huge bag of varied yarns from the Methodist Church bazaar
in Canterbury whilst on trip to Europe
There were 34 balls of various quality for 2 pounds 50 pence .....how could I go wrong!

 So I started on some wee hats from my new vintage pattern bought in Deal. There was so much yarn I have had to leave most of it at my sisters house in Kent.

Here's some of it, along with the 1950s 60s fine wool from Broadstairs. A charity shop buy,  just the sort of vintage wool I like.
I am putting the celadon green on the needles this evening.


  1. Both are sweet little sweaters. Just goes to prove that many of the old patterns are still timeless.

    1. you bet, the top set was from a booklet you sent me!

  2. Such lovely little knits. Do you have any babies in the family at the moment you are knitting for?

  3. I never find vintage wool! (Not that I need any more wool.) You've got a good haul there.

    1. Mim....I had to visit about 25 charity shops before I got that last lot.the 3 ply is, indeed, getting harder to find


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