10 December 2015

888...is that a magic number?

Yes!    888 is a magic number.

because it means it won't be too long before I reach 900 sales in foulardfantastique. my etsy shop devoted to vintage scarves.

Do you think I will reach that number befor I go to New Zealand mid January?

I am not that confident as etsy has taken a huge nosedive for my shops. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Fabriquefantastique and Boutiquefantastique continue to limp jog along.

PS, does anyone know how I can have these piccies directly link to the items? After all, you may want to know how much they are.


  1. You should be able to do that link pretty easily. Go to the destination page, highlight the URL, and save it (control-C), then go to the post you're writing (or revising!). Click on your picture (or highlight the text you want to be a link), then look for the link symbol. They usually look like a little bit of chain combined with the world. When you click that it will bring up a dialog box called something like Insert Hyperlink; you will paste in that URL you copied for the destination.

    Hope that helps!

    1. Mam, I get as far as a dialog box ( I think) but no hyperlink......puts fist through screen.

  2. thanks a lot Your Majesty, off to give it a try

  3. Sorry, can't help as I'm with Wordpress but it looks like you've had some help now anyway. Although it still isn't clicking through to your shop. Just saying.

  4. sending you an email - might be able to help somewhat. Or maybe not!


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