05 September 2011

taking apart

Busy last week taking apart some large , heavy, very damaged quilts . Truly, they were taking up more room than I could afford.

A spectacular, bold, wool, tied star, I love the strip pieced diamond borders. I have not decided what to do with the top, to try and sell 'as is' or to remove some more manageable blocks. It is about 90" square.

The back was a turkey red calico print...looks a bit pink here and I must work on a color photo before I can sell it.

A pile of rescued pieces awaiting their new life.
More to come.......

A few weeks ago I posted as I was starting to unpick this and mentioned that I thought a mans shirt was coming out of the center. Turns out to be a 1930s cotton dress, very worn, faded and patched in several places. Even my 16 year old granddaughter found it quite touching ( and a good reality check)


  1. I love the feeling I get giving new life to textiles. Thanks for sharing your passion.

  2. How amazing it must have been to reveal the dress. Oh, to know who wore it ... M x

  3. It's pretty amazing what was used to 'stuff' quilts. Jack said, too, that when they were renovating his parents house they found an womans dress, complete with many (MANY!) tiny buttons up the back. Of course they threw it out!

  4. I love the discovery of the dress. That is so amazing.

  5. whoever wore that dress led a pretty hard, frugal life. But then, they had the satisfaction of putting together some dynamic quilts.

  6. If that cotton dress could tell a story!
    thank you for popping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

  7. I love your pile of rescue pieces, specially the one on top (blue)

  8. Amazing border on the star quilt.


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