28 September 2011

more mending, well, sort of.

This 1930s Sunbonnet Sue was damaged. Very pretty colours and nice quilting around Sue in trefoils, I liked the French knots on the bonnets too. I quickly mended the binding and had intended to replace the two dresses that were worn to the bat, unpicking the hands and sewing them on again.

On closer inspection it was a lot more fragile than I had thought. I doubt it would have survived even a gentle wash.

so I let nature give it a good rinse and it will most likely go into my garage sale next year.
For a giggle about Sue do look at Barbara Brackmans posts.

next up was a simple 9 patch with red thread quilting. This is the second example I have come across this summer. I wonder if there was a 'vogue' for that work. This is a work in progress...


  1. cool red quilting. I'm all about the quilting!!!!!!11111

  2. How sweet and delicate little Sue is. :)

  3. Such a cute little quilt. I have a soft spot for 'Sue'. Love that red quilting, but then you know I love red............

  4. Cute and so fragile!
    Jan, could you please amend the link from your blog to mine Thanks Heike


  5. Ah, love the Sun Bonnet Sue!

    Warm hugs,


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