21 January 2011

I'm overwhelmed

After listing my Hermes and Jacqmar scarves on Flickr I am resolved to sort and catalog my collection of Liberty scarves.

Quite honestly, I am over whelmed and do not know where to start. Here are about 1/2 of them.

the other 1/2 here. Shall I sort by color? pattern? favorites? Shall I wear a different one each day? I must have over 700 so that would take a couple of years. Help me!!!

etsy news

An antique, 19th century quilt of mine has been used recently in two treasuries. Both Ts have a nostalgic country feel.

Country mouse in a cozy house, was put together by Jennyleefowler, who has an original shop where she makes custom silhouette portraits and pictures, defiantly worth checking out.

and The Olde Homestead curated by dlf724 a terrific etsy shop that sells country primitive quilts and folk art dolls.
both shops are what etsy is all about IMHO.


  1. Hello Jan,
    Not sure where you would start with such an amazing and fantastic collection, which by the sounds of it has been accumulated over many years, on your travels perhaps?
    I am Heike from Knitsisters and have just become a Follower on your blog. I am not really a sewer or embroiderer, but have recently become more interested in Patchwork.
    I will now go and put a link to your blog on mine. Maybe you do same for me.
    Greetings from Wales

  2. Hi Jan

    What an amazing scarf collection - very green with envy ;) I'd have one for every day of the year - but maybe change twice a day... mmm... that or pass them over this way!

    Debs :)

  3. How fantastique! You could maybe wear more than one at at time: one on your head, round your neck and one tied to a favourite bag. They deserve to be seen. Absolutely amazing! I am incredibly jealous...

  4. wow you do have a lot of scarves haven't you how long have you collect them for ?
    xx fee

  5. Well, the first one was left at my parents pub in the 60s, but I seriously started collecting here in Canada when I started going to rummage sales (jumble).

  6. wow what an amazing collection! I would be tempted to sort by colour, maybe with a separate box of favourites!
    : )

  7. when I was studying we had a visit from a guy who designed scarves for Hermes...Lee Cook...and for every scarf he designed he got around 10 free!! Said his wife was sick of them!!

  8. that would be my idea of a dream job.

  9. Wow, that is some stash Jan! Funny thing with scarves and me - I love them on other people, they look so chic, and I love them as items in themselves, but I don't wear them myself.


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