23 January 2011

here he is... and exhibitions

Here he is , coming over for his first dinner at Nana's house. I do not usually post very personal stuff, but I can't resist this.

Two exhibitions in Britain I wish I could see, I am so tempted to buy both catalogs

First Threads of Feeling, which I read about in the TextileHunter's blog....today Sally also posted this link http://www.threadsoffeeling.com/ a slide show to the exhibition that is so touching. Intensely interesting and heartbreaking at the same time.

and a recent exhibition in York, on Canadian WW11 Red Cross Quilts that were sent to Britain. I found this information on a super blog that I read, Welsh Quilts, written by Pippa Moss.

both these blogs are my regular read....everything I like. A topic that I am interested in and a sense of time and place.

etsy news

This London vintage souvenir scarf was featured in two smashing treasuries this week.

Memories of London, put together by Jen, a British artist who now lives in France. Do check out her lovely, original work.

and Looking back and smiling, a nostalgic treasury that Linda pulled together. Another expat with a great sense of humor .


  1. What a beautiful baby! Lucky you!

  2. What a gorgeous picture of that baby!

    And congrats on the treasury features!

  3. What a gorgeous baby boy!

    Lovely etsy stuff too! :) x

  4. He is a darling! Aren`t we Nanas lucky. My little darling will be TWO tomorrow. (The day before my own birthday!).

  5. He is GORGEOUS! You must be so proud!

  6. Awww. He's so cute :)

  7. awwwww - such a sweet wee baby - I'm so jealous!!

  8. Oh, he is so lovely!

    Off to have a read about these exhibitions...

  9. Oh, so sweet! (the baby, of course!)

  10. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog! Yes, I do keep myself quite busy! Keeps me out of trouble! LOL!!!


  11. he is adorable....I just want to kiss him to death!!


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