02 January 2011

Your dinosaur

Grrrr...still trying. Your favorite dinosaur is trying to upload images from Flickr on to her blog. Trying to figure this out has taken me the best part of an hour, and this is all I have managed!
I suppose a 2011 resolution must be to improve my computer skills.

Its been a while since I showed some of my Hermes scarf collection, I have most of them on Flickr now. A kind observer has come up with the official title of about 8 designs that I did not know. The above is called "Carrelages"

and this one is 'Mouillage" designed by Hugo Grygkar in 1949. It is one of the first I found and none have cost me more than a couple of bucks. (actually I did spend 7 quid once at a charity shop in the Cotswolds)
Scarf Collector UK is a super site for more information on all sorts of vintage scarves

Etsy news.....Etsy Expats is having a BNR treasury sale tomorrow (Monday 3rd) I am curating and looking after it for a couple of hours, hope I don't screw up.

thehopetree has included my vintage Schiaparelli scarf in her treasury 'keep it simple' . An etsyexpats member, little does she know I have my eye on one of her items that I will buy in the BNR tomorrow.

This pretty 30s dress was featured in 'the sweetest things' put together by Jamiecox1984...an imaginative vintage shop from Seattle.

One of my favorite quilts made it too "forget me knot' an adorable treasury made by ZionShore an super jeweler right here in Montreal, Canada.

wish I could get rid of the underline ...D

and another polished list...made by Hagarae, one of my favorite jewelers from Israel. happy new year tafa etsy group.
Tafa (textile and fiber arts) is the other online group I belong to, it has extremely high standards and one can spend hours perusing the members sites. About half of the members sell on etsy.

  • thank you to all these super etsy sellers for their time, imagination and style in promoting my and other sellers items. Lets give them a hand by looking at their original shops.


  1. Lovely scarfs and I love the quilt! Good luck with the treasury! :) x

  2. The first fabric is MAGNIFICENT!!!
    happy new year!

  3. Great scarf collection!

  4. Love the first scarf.
    Etsy is great, but haven't bought there lately I'm sorry to say. Gotta check it out for upcoming birthdays!

  5. Click on the title that say It's Market Monday and it will take you to the link page! :)


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