31 December 2010

Making a mess of things

For my last post of 2010, I sure managed to make a mess of things.
First, I posted a blank blog.

Next, what I really wanted to post was some piccies of a baby shower I had for my DIL last November...she is looking gorgeous and the baby is due any day. The uploads from a foreign (to me) file are not loading...Grrrr... it was going to be such an uplifting post about a new life in 2011.

Next, I was determined to show whole treasuries using the treasury widget on craftcult. Can't get that to work . An etsy staff member answered my plea for help on the etsy forums, suggesting I go to this site, but I can't make head or tail of that either. What an dinosaur I am.

However, all is not lost. 2010 is going out with a bang on etsy for me. Items from my shop have been featured in all these super treasuries this week.

LavenderBouquetPhoto used this vintage wedding dress in a divine T Vintage Winter Wedding. I was so pleased as I had just listed the dress. Do check out this shop with its youthful, fresh photographs.

I love every listing in Lets Set the Table Green curated by Pienzacal. a quirky vintage shop with a lot of neat items.

Carfarellagen...another beautiful vintage shop used this romantic scarf in oooh so feminine...the name says it all.

Moonandlion always makes great treasuries. This one, featuring this taupe scarf, Want to feel fabulous today is no exception. Macky is organizing a BNR sale for the expats team on Monday, this is no mean feat as the members are located all over the world.

Another expat singingheartjewelry, made this lush treasury something from here,something from there using my vintage sari. Debbie lives in South Africa, and her jewelry is just gorgeous. I believe this was her first treasury...she's a natural.

Finally, from the official expats site Tasty Stripes used these vintage pillowcases. I sure if you took Just one look, you would find out who curated it.

NOW...do NOT forget...Monday January 3rd 2011...Expats BNR Treasury sale. What a great way to start the new year!!!


  1. To more great happenings in 2011. Have a wonderful Hogmanay celebration!

  2. Congratulations for the achievements of this year and my best wishes for an even better 2011!

  3. Here's to a happy and prosperous 2011. xxx

  4. Not to worry about the blank post - I just thought you'd been imbibing a bit too much rum & eggnog & getting an early start on the NY's eve celebrations. Have a happy 2011!

  5. Happy New Year to you, and I do hope you manage to sort out your challenge with the photo loading. I am hopeless with most things, and when something works, I just stick to that. Thank you for taking an interest in my world, visiting my blog, and leaving lovely comments. I have some older fabrics I need to run by you to see if they are 'vintage', and shall try to post them onto my blog soon. Take care, stay warm, and may 2011 be prosperous.

  6. lovely post with great links! happy new year and thanks for stopping by La Dolce Vita! ciao, bella!


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