12 December 2010

getting ready for 2011

Couldn't resist these spectacular heirloom root veggies from Cookstown Greens, my neighbor at the summer Brickworks farmers market. Ready to go into the oven.

Time for a change....after years of lugging around a well stuffed filofax, (or faximilie thereof) always using a diary with a week to two pages,

Iv'e switched to a two page per month format. The reason?

Two years ago on a trip to Florence I bought some charming, small notebooks intending to give them as gifts. Only one was given away. I started to use them, just jotting down ideas, thoughts, specially related to my little business. I find I don't use as much space in the big diary, perhaps I don't do as much! Such a pleasure to use these pretty books.

Etsy news

Delighted to have a vintage scarf from my shop featured in this warm and tasty treasury 'gingerbread' put together by Arlie.


  1. Yumm, the veg looks lovely!
    Like the little notebooks, I really need to get myself a diary for next year! :) x

  2. Hmmm - I'd like to come to your house for supper - those veggies are going to be SOOO good!

  3. I must get more organised in terms of notebooks, I have so many!! Why is it then that I jot on scraps of paper that always get lost!!!

  4. Love those little books! I would be lost without my 'go everywhere with me' diary!

    And the veggies? (looking through my window to the garden buried beneath two feet of newly drifted snow...)

    Spring yet?


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