08 December 2010

Flickr problems and a guilty secret

A guilty secret....my family have rebelled about the amount of vintage Pendleton shirts I have collected at the cabin. They tell me the shirts have to be culled.

but here are my latest finds, tucked away in the basement. (covered by a sheet)

Would love to catalog them on Flickr....but flickr will not accept my paypal...I spoke to a real person at paypal (who was hopeless) who suggested Flickr send me a single invoice....ha, ha.....

I looked at Flickr forums (kindly suggested by briskmama) and there are pages of complaints about the same issue. I will have to look for another picture hosting site.

Have to boast that I have my 100th follower, Halfpenny Home, please look at this gorgeous shop in England that I would love to frequent.

Etsy news
EtsyExpats had a BNR treasury sale on Monday, many of my scarves and fabrics were featured. It went on all day and the items and colours were changed frequently.

As a thank you, this blue treasury was created, Congratulations...We Rock it includes my blue quilt top.

What do you know...2 equestrian themed treasuries this week used my items

Equestrians Shopping Guide used this classic scarf, and was put together by 5gardenias, who has a charming etsy shop. She hails from Buffalo, not too far from me and I noticed one of her vintage brooches on the FP yesterday.

Equestrian Elegance featured an item from my vintage linens section. This was curated by Jasmine, her etsy shop sells fab Russian dolls and other ethnic items
Check 'em out.


  1. A good plaid shirt is classic and will last forever, (tell your family :-D). I have two, and I love them!

  2. i'm getting such a kick out of your pendelton shirt collection!! it magnificent-- i can appreciate the extended collection, as i have far too many myself-- but i think your mad plaid collection is by far one of the most unique!!
    thanks for the mention too!
    kathi ( 5gardenias vintage )

  3. Love the shirt collection! :) x

  4. Nothing wrong with a fine collection of tartan shirts!Good for you and also for your featured items - they`re lovely. Have you tried `Photobucket` for your image hosting. It`s free.

  5. I always check the forum when having problems with something. It usually helps me, at least I am not alone ;) Sorry for the Flickr problem. You should change the image hosting site if they are having problems. Congratulation on your 100th follower.

  6. Those shirts are great! Warm and classic!
    Wanted to tell you taht my blog changed address...
    http://www.gabrielaroccogaudet.blogspot.com instead of threadheadsanonymous!


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