28 December 2010

Bite the bullet

I have finally bit on the bullet and caved in to Flickr's demand of my credit card number...I did want the pro account and there was no way they were going to accept paypal without it. Even paypal wrote 'perhaps they do not want to take other payments'. Well,
I'm not a big paypal fan either. ...what an old curmudgeon I am.

I very much wanted to add to my Jacqmar scarf file. Here is my all time favorite 'pubs of London'. Fantastic sketches along with script. The photos do not do it justice. ...I listed a few more yesterday . Conversation R...."what are you doing?" me..."playing with my scarves"


Talking of pubs, Linda of JustOneLook included this scarf in a super etsy treasury 'Make mine a black and tan please'. I thought you had to be a Brit of a certain age (like Linda and me) to know what that meant. But no! other expats knew as well. I well remember pulling a few pints of black and tans for my father, along with some lager and limes.

Serendipity Child ( a charming, whimsical British shop) put together a nostalgic collection Blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover that featured this very interesting souvenir.

When I have finished my Jacqmar collection I might start cataloging souvenir scarves, after all I have to use my $24.99 a year Flickr pro account.

Wonderful Jacqueline, from Tangentine, curated a warm, loving collection 'The perfect cure for post hoilday blues' and used my vintage woven placemats. She always does a terrific, dramatic job, just like her jewelry. (ps. she has free worldwide shipping till the end of January)

Do check out these diverse etsy shops.


  1. Hi, I tried to post here yesterday and couldn't !
    Lovely things.

  2. I love that first scarf. Can we say Adorable! It's graphic and sweet at the same time.

    Sorry about your Flickr woes. This electronic stuff can get to be a PITA.

    Yes, mais oui, let's talk books this year. What did you have in mind?

    HAPPY New Year and many blessings.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sorry, I messed up my first comment...
    LOL Jan, I understand your reluctance to hand over your credit card number; it took me about a year! But once you have a Paypal account set up, you'll wonder how you got by without it. So many companies (and individuals) have Paypal these days.


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