21 December 2010

Goodbye Costa Rica, Hello Toronto

Thank you to my dear friends in Monteverde for a lovely, welcoming and restful week.

Margaret and Paul practice a little Bach.

The road to Monteverde is always a challenge, (it is little more than a stony path) takes about 3 hours to get down to the highway. But, the views are always worth it.
Views down the St Luis valley on one side and looking down the the Nicoya peninsular on the other side of the road.

Late flight back to Toronto, arriving home at 3 am. I awoke to a very cold, but bright day, I had better get used to it.


  1. Glorious views. Welcome back. Can't wait to see more of your trip pictures.

  2. Looking forward to become a regular reader of your blog. Thanks for joining mine :-)

  3. Thanks Jan for visiting my blog...Merry Xmas to You too...
    ho ho ho


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