26 December 2010

Figgy pudding

I trust everyone had a satisfying Christmas day.. I know we did.
My figgy pudding, doused in rum.

the tree decorations are the same, year after year. Personally I can't stand 'decorator' Christmas trees.

Etsy news...after a quiet few days, things are picking up, and a couple of items have been featured in attractive treasuries.
This 50s scarf was shown in 'chartreuse', one of my favorite colors . Cindy from TheVintageHatShop put this together...no need to say what she sells... a store that is just up my line.

and an antique quilt top that is for sale appeared in older than dirt curated by BeadNLight, a vintage shop that is full of personality. So nice to see 19th century items featured.


  1. Hi, there - thanks for your coimment - yes, it's pretty chilly over here!! That figgy pudding looks yummy - though I'm absolutely stuffed!!

  2. Love your tree. Nothing like a tree filled with family treasures.
    Figgy pudding? Hmmmm, maybe for New Years.

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Your tree looks lovely!


  4. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. Happy Christmas to you.
    Ann x

  5. Wow that figgy pudding looks the business .....looks like you are having a wonderful Christmas...best wishes ...Lorna x

  6. Thanks for your visit:) Your pud looks good! Enjoy rest of the holiday:))

  7. Lovely tree! Christmas was fun, but hectic- looking forward to a break!So glad to see someone else loves the vintage mags( your last post). I featured one on a recent post and have oodles more.Have a happy New Year!

  8. That pudding looks so good! Happy Holidays!!

  9. That Jacmar scarf is fantastic! I don't think I've seen so neat!


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