10 December 2010

that time of year

Its that time of year....R bought a couple of huge, hybrid poinsettias for the house. The pink and cream combo is just right for me and the living room.

Part of a very large and successful family Christmas cactus. My daughter picked the pot out of the trash some decades ago so that she could plant some grapefruit seeds. The citrus tree grew and flourished for about 15 years ( it got to about 4 ft), but the cactus that sprung up around it won't stop. It is about 3 feet wide, blooms twice, sometimes three, times a year. We can't give the cuttings away fast enough, all the neighbors and family at home and abroad have them. It is completely pot bound...but, hey! if it's not broken, don't fix it.

Two bashed up, personal quilts. Not the best photos but they are the sort of quilt that appeals to me. Simple geometrics with glowing colors. This one has a scrappy look...all silks.

This one has 1/4" strips. an elegant color scheme, again silk. Although in both cases the silks are disintegrating, they have almost immaculate backs.

etsy news.
Macky made this beautiful treasury'gifts for the girl with faraway eyes' that included my 50s scarf. Macky is a very talented young woman who lives in Majorca. as well as having a rock n roll band (she is the lead singer) she is an artist who sells her work on etsy...moonandlion


  1. Jan I love the pink and cream poinsettias, so lovely. Happy holidays!

    Warm hugs,

  2. Love the cactus but don't want a bit ... our quarantine laws are very strict!

  3. Love that scarf ...gorgeous ....x

  4. I`ve nurtured a Poinsettia since last Xmas and it was coming along beautifully until someone who shall remain nameless (my Mother) left it outside whereupon it died from hypothermia!I was distraught!
    I love your quilts - must have been quite well-to-do ladies who made them using silk? Love the scarf too.

  5. My Christmas cactus is blooming too! Beautiful!Love the log cabin quilts!

  6. Those cactus sure are hardy. We have several pots of it, all different shades from white, peach, pink through to red.


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