14 December 2010

Journey to Costa Rica.

A week in Cost Rica....cheap flight and we are staying with friends in Monteverde, which is in the mountains. We stopped for
lunch on the way up at the Rio Coribice, where the boys were having a great time....I think school must be out already.

It is considerably cooler up here. This grapefruit tree at the edge of the garden is just laden with fruit....must be about 300 of 'em. I resolve to make my friend some grapefruit marmalade, perhaps enlivened with a wee dram, whilst I am here.

So, off I went to the local store for sugar. Guess who was trying to shop at the same time.

Even here in the cloud forest I can catch up on etsy news

Lovely Linda, once again featured a vintage quilt top of mine in this beautiful treasury 'its a cool december.

and this vintage souvenir scarf was used in 'gifts with an exotic feel', put together by Tialeyvintage, who has some really interesting items in her shop.
The entire etsy community does a gallant job promoting themselves and others with these gorgeous, handpicked lists.


  1. Thank you!
    Oh I'm jealous of your trip. Hear from so many about vacationing there. Sounds nice.

  2. wow that sounds like an amazing trip, I hope the monkey doesn't come after your jam!
    : )

  3. http://www.etsy.com/shop/JustOneLook14 December, 2010

    Thanks for your lovely words. I hope you have a fantastic time there in Costa Rica Jan.

  4. You're in Costa Rica? Where it's WARM, and there's no SNOW? Oh, how I envy you! Have a marvelous time!

  5. I'd love to visit Costa Rica! It must be lovely being in such a warm country right now! Have a good trip! :) x

  6. Lucky you! What I would do for some sun, some heat right now.

  7. Jan, it looks divine there. Hope the sun shines every day for you.

    When my daughter lived in Panama those little monkeys were seemingly everywhere. They'd get into her garbage and strew it everywhere---she teased she wanted to use them for target practice.

    Bon Voyage, Jan, and Merry CHristmas.


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