31 January 2013

The same the whole world over

There are worse places in the world to be stranded than Hawkes Bay Airport.

Some mechanical problem it seems.....

The scenery was spectacular and Air New Zealand provided refreshment chits.

Ooops....the mechanic had the wrong size spanner....

You see the same scenes at every airport  all over the world.

 Arriving to spend the week with Nana....it is still the school holidays here.

 Waiting in more ways than one...

Finally we were re-routed to Nelson via Auckland......

and this dad-to-be made it in time.


  1. What a delightful photo montage - and commentary - of your wait. You have found humour and interest in what was probably a very frustrating wait.

  2. Blimey, I wonder if that couple even made it home - she looks as if she's just about to go pop.

  3. I hope that couple's next stop was the hospital- no time to waste for her!


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