18 January 2013


I found everything I needed in Hastings. 
A new battery charger from Dobsons Photo Shop. 
A tape measure from Knit World
and a pedometer from Rebel Sport


 along with goodies from a couple of op shops.

 Although Hastings is starting to suffer from the usual invasion of big box stores and super markets, I liked it a lot. Extremely  friendly and helpful people.....Kiwis do love to chat.
 Beautiful architecture...look at those fantastic street lamps.

I went to the  community arts center, housed in an old china store,  and  a very well curated Art Gallery....more on that later.
I missed their Opera House, but there is always another time.

The day I arrived in New Zealand I sniffed out the lively Farmers Market....jet lag couldn't stop me.
There is also a race track, but that is another story.


  1. I always find it funny when i hear about Hastings in NZ, When my aunt and Uncle emmigrated to NZ they moved to Cambridge, and my uncle worked in Hastings. Nothing weird about that you think but over in the UK we live not far from a town called Hastings and my Uncle worked in that town. I don't think this was something they had planned when they moved out there.
    I can safely say that the Hastings in NZ is far nicer than the UK one. I would gladly visit there again any day and wish i had the money to go visit my Aunt again.

  2. I chuckled at your shopping list. What more could one want than a battery charger, a tape measure (you can never have too many tape measures) and a pedometer.

  3. Please keep 'em coming. Love your updates.


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