29 January 2013

Cape Kidnappers

A day trip to Cape Kidnappers to view the gannet colonies.
Cape Kidnappers is southest of Napier on the East Coast of the North Island in the Hawke's Bay region.


 We hitched a ride on the tractor trailers that take you along the beach, spectacular scenery to be seen along the way.

 The gannets are handsome,if smelly,birds with butter colored heads and smart black markings. See the fluffy, voracious chick.

But, the drama was when  a stingray  washed up on the beach, it was thrashing about quite violently.  Mums and dads rushed to retrieve their little ones out of the water.

Finally two brave Kiwi blokes managed to scoop it onto a small surf board and return it to the waves.


  1. Hello

    Welcome to Aotearoa New Zealand!!!

    How wonderful to see your post about Cape Kidnappers pop up in my Google Reader!!!!!!! Unbelieveable!

    I've belonged to your blog for ages and remember when you stayed at Paremata!

    I'm wondering - what brings you to New Zealand from Canada???

    I hope if you will be in Aucklland you may get in touch with me.

    Interesting that you were at the HB races - my cousin is a member and his wife has done the flowers there for ages! We're a very small country!

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Shane ♥

    One of my blogging friends is MA from Canada.

  2. Your New Zealand trips are always full of such interesting experiences and places and I am sure you must be having a wonderful time. Take care.

  3. Wow! A surfing stingray. I hope you got a video for YouTube :)
    Sounds like you're having a great time Jan - a bit of drama never hurts either.

  4. So glad they managed to save that stingray's life!

    Lucky you!


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