02 January 2013

in with the new

My Christmas present was a new iron!!  Another from Reliable.....

The old one was about to bite the dust. Reliable is not to blame entirely as I freely admit I did not look after it as I should ,leaving it on all night on several occasions and other forms of abuse.The new model is a bit heavier, a good workout for the upper arms, the right side at least.

 Not my most favorite activity but needed for things like this, and this......and even these, that sometimes arrive in a crumpled mass.

So here's  to a few more years of happy ironing.

And for us all, lets hope for a friendly and more kindly year.........


  1. What a Porsche! I love my iron, too.

  2. ...and the best to you this new year! X

  3. mmmmm - this looks to be a really nice iron. Mine is driving me bonkers and I'd love to replace it, but unfortunately it still works and I can't justify it. Mine is one of the ones that shuts off automatically - however it shuts off every few minutes now and it's most annoying.

  4. It's a really impressive iron. I hope it works for you for many years.

  5. now that's what I call a 'state of the art' iron....does it make tea too?!!


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