08 January 2013

meet the neighbours

Arrived in New Zealand with a dreadful cold, worst I have had in a decade, but soon cheered up and was made welcome by the neighbours. They live in the paddock at the end of the garden.

3 somber alpacas, perhaps they would rather be in Peru.

 A small herd of benign cattle, about  8- 10 of them.

Then there is Misty, the miniature horse, who stands 26" to the withers, I am told.

Misty loves to gallop about, but she has a bit of an attitude, thinks she is the paddock princess.

 It seems the only one to stand up to her is Mrs Pig, seen here with her 5 greedy offspring.

Lastly there is Mr Pig, quite the ugliest pig I have ever seen.  I guess Mrs Pig thinks he is OK.

More on the pigs at another point.


  1. Wow! That porker really is a dog. Still, looks aren't everything and he has helped produce some gorgeous little ones - I just love piglets. Sorry you had to start off your visit with a cold but it looks like there is plenty to see to take your mind off it.
    Enjoy yourself! x

  2. Awwwww. misty is such a cutie! Look at her strut! I love it!

  3. Such lovely photos Jan, sorry to hear about your cold,,, hope you are feeling better now... Love the alpacas:) maybe something to do with the fantastic wool and fibers you can get from them,,, enjoy your trip...

  4. Fun animal photos! Hope you're feeling better soon! Have a great weekend!


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