25 January 2013

The Garden at Johns House

How delightful is this garden at Johns House in Hawkes Bay, specially as I know it is -21 degrees in Toronto.

The Albizzia or silk tree is new to me, a fast growing,shade tree with delicate, feathery blooms and a lovely shape. 

 Apparently we have missed the best of the roses, but they look pretty good to me.

|Dahlias always look best in a mass like this I think.

Hydrangeas  are bigger than dinner plates.

The piglets in the paddock at the end of the garden have doubled their size in a week it seems.  they wag their tails like dogs.  They are Kunekune, New Zealand pigs, make great pets and this lot will find new homes fairly soon.


  1. Those roses are so beautiful, we have lots of snow here so it's nice to see colour! X

  2. What a delightful place, and those pigs are adorable. I'd love to squeeze them.

  3. he piggies are quite rough and hot to touch....

  4. you're travelling? I forgot...I hope you are having a great time. The white is still there too so don't worry!!

  5. Beautiful flowers. hank you for your lovely comment. Xxxx

  6. Oh, that garden looks beautiful, and typically NZ with the hydrangeas ... silk trees are lovely but woefully prone to getting borer and falling over (don't ask me how I know :(


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