06 February 2013

Part 2.......Takaka A&P

  The Takaka A&P is primarily an agricultural show.

 But there is something for everybody.

  I was very taken with Go Willow, who make beautiful baskets, including coffins. I want one.

 These dads were fundraising for the Takaka Playgroup , the sausages smelt wonderful.

Particularly appealing was the parade of vintage tractors.

Oliver, my 2 year old grandson is tractor crazy so I took masses of photos ( not all shown here you will be pleased to know)

They say people look like their dogs, I think the driver/owners have an affinity with their tractors .

  I do love an A&P so another post is to come.....just to wet your appetite it will feature  pickles and veg.


  1. What a fun day. I too love the baskets and the coffin!

  2. I'll skip on the coffin, but those beet greens have my name on them, and I wouldn't mind taking a turn on that little red tractor!

    Wonderful post! XO


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