31 July 2010

My pantry

By way of a change, I though you my like to see my pantry...lol
yesterday my largest plate got broken and I had to rehang one wall. In the process the second largest plate smashed ( a gift from my sister...she won't be pleased)
well...its not the first accident I've had and it sort of gives me permission to buy a couple more (at the right price, of course)
I love china almost as much as textiles ,with old cutlery running third.
Don't even ask whats in the other cupboards.
one day I may even show the plates in the living room/hall/guest room etc.

Whats with the treasuries on etsy these days. I've had the same scarf featured in three different treasuries in 3 days. A very nice scarf but not a fantastic scarf...not even a great photo. (I'll never sell it with that kind of remark!) The latest ...coral luscious crush....is very pretty.


  1. You have some gorgeous pieces. Love the soft colors,too. Sorry your sister's piece broke.

    P.S. I agree---I love china and textiles and old silverware when it gets that used, loved patina.

  2. Jan thanks for nice commen on my Erosion Art, your pantry look great, so many wonderful things.

  3. I LOVE your pantry. Some day I'll have the room-"sigh."

  4. such beautiful china. I am such a clumsy person you don't ever want me in your house, too many things for me to drop!!

  5. My pantry doesn't look like that! Just full of potato chip bags, canned goods, etc. Yours is lovely. You definitely have a "dish addiction"!!! Sorry about the broken plate but these things do happen.

  6. Hi! I have your same passion for cermaic and porcellain plates... I have a big collection... every plate is different from others... I love a varoius and fantasy table!!!!
    Very nice blog!! I'm happy If you become one of readers of mine.... ;D
    Bye bye... and sorry for my terrible english!


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