07 July 2010

Underwear and scarves



Looking at a 40s movie the othernight I wondered what etsy had to offer on really, really gorgeous, beautifully made lingerie. Not what I expected to find, but here are some charming examples.

some examples of my pretty, romantic, vintage scarfs, I believe all are up on etsy at the moment.

Whoops forgot to add the link to my shop


  1. thanks so much for including my wares with such beauty! You have a great sense of style

  2. Lovely assortment. Love the short shorts with the crochet doily. Thanks for including my white tea cami.

  3. I never thought of looking for lingerie on Etsy. Will check it out :)

  4. Toronto seems to have a much better quality 'thrift stuff' than we have here in UK! I comb our local charity shops etc for real cotton or linen sheets to use for painting or dyeing, but all we seem to have left are really rubbish man made fibre bedlinen, that you wouldn't even use as a shroud!! Love all your stuff.And thanks for your visits and comments on my blog,very much appreciated. Sheila


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