14 July 2010

another little number

Another little number hits the road,from my favorite 30s Beehive pattern. I tried a new (for me) bind off with a tapestry needle, not entirely satisfactory, but I'll give it another shot.Yarn from Sandwich, see this blog, buttons found in a vintage work basket I bought some years ago. It was packed with old buttons, threads etc from pre-war Germany.
A short post today as I am at the cabin...hot as Hades inside and out, and dial up slower than molasses.


  1. hello, what a lovely little jumper!
    A cabin sounds like a wonderful place to be, I hope it has cooled down for you
    : )

  2. That little blue set is so cute! I love it. I haven't had much luck binding off with a tapestry needle either. Generally I just use regular needle and thread and a backstitch!


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