11 July 2010

Sunday market at St Lawrence

Sunday at St Lawrence Market. A long day, but, alas very slow, in fact, my worst day in 15 years. So, what to do...I have cancelled the next week and resolved not to go for the next month...no more shopping either (if I can stop)
One of the problems in this once, lively collectors/antique market, is that it has been dumbed down. Stalls with mountains of unironed 'vintage' clothes for $5, new hockey shirts, face creams etc. This is discouraging for the many antique/collector vendors who do a terrific job...presenting with flair , intelligence and knowledge.
So many people attend ( I have no problems with numbers) who have no idea what they are looking at. ie, 'does it come in other colors' ...a 19th century quilt.
My next resolve, is to list more items on etsy... currently I sit at about 190 listings...so whats wrong with 250?

Here is Jeanette, with her color booth. This week she is green (including her T-shirt)...avocado, lime , olive and more.


  1. Your stall looks very inviting to me ....wish I was closer to come visit ......we have an antiques market that is suffering a similar fate ....

  2. looks like a great market! almost up there with the French ones :) loving the quilts.


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