12 July 2010

an award and more treasuries

Usually Monday is thrifting day, but I am resolved not to go for a month...so here is the next best thing. Something I had entirely forgotten about, a pretty vintage chenille bed jacket at the bottom of a cupboard, tossed in the wash and as good as ever

I was thrilled that Karen of petitpoullailer nominated my blog for the 'sunshine blogger award'....not quite sure what this is, but its still nice. (perhaps I have to nominate someone else and I have a few ideas) thanks Karen

Two more scarves in treasuries today, which cheers me up no end.

this one from 'granny-bourne'

and this one from honey and the moon .....both treasuries so pretty and unusual

both scarves in my etsy shop


  1. Jan how can you NOT go thrifting for a month? I'd have withdrawals! I love, love, love the chenille jacket you posted. Thanks for sharing...

    Warm hugs,

  2. you don't know how much i have ...lol....like a double garage...packed to the rafters

  3. I've seen those awards in a few blogs and always wonder what they are. I'm as clueless as you about that, but congratulations!!!


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