19 July 2010

she's here! and bows

She's here...coming to visit for the summer. Note her very own carry on case. No prizes for guessing who she is.
Usually Monday is thrift day, but this is better.

an image I've had around since Christmas...my son gave me this lovely dusty, deep mauve cast iron tea pot and I love the way it looks on the aubergine kitchen tiles.

I'm always a sucker for printed bows and ribbons......some items from my etsy shop.

and some beauties from other etsy shops... top to bottom


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love your collection of bows and ribbons.
    Patricia :o)

    PS: Sounds like you made a great find in that Cowichan jacket. Isn't it amazing what a little soak can do?

  2. PPS: You have some WONDERFUL pieces on your Etsy!! LOVE the vintage fruit fabric and there are a couple of beautiful quilts, too!!

  3. A beautiful visitor! enjoy.

    Your teapot is marvelous. I love the shape and color.

    I like bows, too, so I share that with you. You have fabulous taste---I always drool when I visit your Blog.

  4. The teapot is lovely, wish I had one...


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