24 July 2010

lost treasuries and fabric

I haven't shown vintage fabric for a while ,was going to do Fabric Fridays but it kind of got away from me. These juvenile pieces are for sale in my etsy shop

Etsy has launched a treasury search that I have just found on craftopolis. To my amazement I found that I have had many more items in treasuries than I knew about!! Some of the items i.e, those that did not sell!

The scarves have both been in two treasuries. Particularly nice ones are 'Solstice' ( complex and intelligent) and ' Fudge Ripple' (incorporated both color and movement). Both deserved to be on the FP


  1. Cute fabric. I can relte, I was in more treasuries than I thought I was as well. Love your pictures and items, they are front page worthy.

  2. Agree, they are Front Page worthy. I wonder how they pick the front page...Anyways I'm glad you found out about more treasuries you're in :)


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