13 October 2016

Gu Chi or not Gucci?

that is the question.

Is this a real Gucci scarf or not? Tag reads ' made in Italy'. Quite a light  weight silk, but that is OK. Nice, generous size, approx 65 cm  x  174 cm.
But, there is no imprint and the hem is badly and  cheaply machined, not good at all.

 Now, we all know that these days a classy label has nothing to do with quality,
Take the Michael Kors hand bag I bought at full price at Canada's fanciest department store last May.
My granddaughter asked " is that a real Michael Kors, Nana?"

Falling apart already, what a piece of c...p!

Just not sure about the scarf.


  1. Gucci or not, I quite like that scarf. That said, you are so right about a classy label not having anything to do with quality ... xxx

  2. I love the green and brown together in the 'Maybe Gucci' scarf. My husband has taken to making leather bags - often completely hand stitched - and he has become a 'handbag critic'. I have a Mulberry bag which he bought me some years ago and, although it is good quality, he is surprised at the lack of finishing in one or two places. I haven't examined a Michael Kors bag closely but I imagine you are paying for the name as he is 'on trend' at the moment. I have a 'Maybe Dior' vintage bag which I suspect might be fake as the hardware doesn't seem particularly good quality but, then, price isn't always an indication of quality as you have discovered.

    1. I quite like it too. Shame about the MK bag, ithad all the right inner pockets, I will take it back when I get a spare minute!.
      My fav handbag is an Irish artisan made, bought in a craft market in Derry about 17 years ago.


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