06 June 2015

No Hermes.....but

A quick  ( well, all morning) whiz round the thrift shops last week yielded 

4 Dior scarves.....soon to be listed in my etsy shop.
(edit.....a couple are not quite up to scratch, so will have to go in the next bunch of 100 crafting scarves,)

A few other French designer scarves,

A wonderful Oliver Messel coronation souvenir. Actually I have one already but this is in better condition.

The most amazing unfinished scarf panel from 1953....not sure how I will market this. 
The only thing I could find with this image was a cushion cover....at $485, so I wonder if it was ever in production as a scarf.

AND, a pile of 32 NOS ( new old stock)  vintage Canadian souvenir scarves.

I have never found a lot of NOS before, except for the ties from my friend Warrens dad, so I am not too sure how to market these either.....one at a time or as a lot?.


  1. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the photo of the Canadian scarves was what a fabulous quilt they would make!

  2. You do go to posh thrift shops.
    Why don't you try the Canadian scarves individually at first and see how they go and, if they don't fly, you can always do them in lots.

  3. might do that or I think there is an etsy listing thingy where you can sell more than one or have people choose their colour

    1. There is but I think that would only come up as one listing when somebody browses. Then they would have to click on the options to see the variations you have. It depends whether you want your shop to look heavily stocked or not I suppose.


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