30 June 2015

On the Line everywhere

On the fence at our summer cabin where I always have a quilt to mend.

 This 1930s "fans' is extremely worn at both ends and some spokes are worn away,  So one end will have the fans removed ( for later patching) cut down a row and the whole thing rebound from the back. The back is a pretty pastel Alamance cloth. I have made a start

 On the line at home, a funky 40s -50s tied juvenile quilt....getting a good airing.

On the grass in the garden, a bold Irish Chain, c 1900. I am attempting to fade the stains, but the raccoons thought it was ideal for hop-scotch.

Over the railing at the market, one of my favorites this season, a 1920s - 30s applique Scottie Dog, I cant think why it has not sold yet

 On the line for assessment, a primitive, tied, printed feedsack quilt. Fair condition, with tears to one sack and a frayed edge, Mend able? yes. But in the end I unpicked it as I have more chance of selling the sacks individually ....

Another 1930s  'Fans' being assessed , It is in really good shape, I love the pale chartreuse bases. It will be at the market with me next weekend.


  1. Hop scotching raccoons - oh the mental image I have now!!

    1. I am afraid they do more than play hopscotch.....

  2. Oh my--what a wonderful location to mend a quilt.

  3. If only you were closer - I love that Scotty Dog quilt and wouldn't be able to resist it.


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