28 November 2013

My blanket label collection

   This little guy  I met on the street

reminded me I have not undated my vintage blanket label collection.

Just  photographs of the labels...if I kept all the blankets I would have no where to actually sleep.

Unless I slept on top of them like The Princess and the Pea.

Not sure where the above blanket comes from. Research is needed, that 'V' looks familiar. 

I think all the old Eatons of Canada stores have gone now.

Whoops.....edit. Forgot  this one.


  1. I'm sure you don't cut up your vintage blankets but a vintage blanket dog coat is a nice idea!

    1. yes it is...now there is a little online business for someone, plus I could sell them my damaged blankies.

  2. the labels are real treasures .....and you have snow!!!

  3. That "V" is actually an "O" and a "V" together, and was from the Ottawa Valley Woollen Mills. I have another label of theirs that shows it more clearly.

  4. thank you! I knew I had seen it before.


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