14 November 2013

Brickworks Farmers Matket

I was bemoaning the fact that my Saturday morning market day was finished for the year.

 The farmers have moved inside for the winter and space is limited.

But all is not lost....

Yesterday I was notified that there is a small space available in the BMO Atrium this Saturday morning

and I am going to give it a shot.  Certainly I will not have the sort of space I have enjoyed in the summer,

but it will give me the chance to re-connect with some of my customers.....seen here modelling their purchases.

It is the social interaction I miss.


  1. Enjoy yourself on Saturday Jan. I would be glad it had moved inside, even if it meant a smaller space. We are having the first snow of the winter here today - I did the food shopping this morning so now I'm staying put.

    1. no snow here yet but its -3. I don't mind being outside in the winter...it suits my stock

  2. your customers look extremely happy!!! especially the men....

  3. Nice to see you today Jan. It was nice to get a day that was suited to being able to wear that fantastic expensive sweater.

    Do let us know the next time you decide to bring a basket of firushiki to the market, somewhere I have pictures of me interacting with a museum exhibit in Tokyo that was intended to remind modern Japanese how to use them properly.


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