01 November 2013

It seems you are nobody

It seems you are nobody in our neighbourhood unless you get your Halloween decorations out the day after Thanksgiving.

Tuesday 15th October

Day after Thanksgiving

We make do with a couple of pumpkins, they seem to do the trick.

The night turned windy, rainy and chilly ( typical Halloween) .  Faeries and turtles were somewhat bedraggled 

My vote for best costume this year was this duo done up  as a Kit Kat bar....they made it themselves but had a hard time manoeuvring up and down the steps in sync.

By 8.15 pm we had run out of treats so we blew out the candles and watched TV.....there were still quite a few 15??  year olds out and about.


  1. Some people just go a bit overboard with their decorations. Wonder where they store it all?!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

    1. They may be the types that buy new every year. I think the spiders web stuff comes in a sparay can....WE have real spiders webs ( nose in the air)

  2. LOL - sitting here giggling over the fact that you have REAL spiders webs (just be sure you don't trip over anything with all that nose in the air business!).

  3. I thought Christmas started in October.


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