25 February 2014


After a fine walk along the shores of Lake Rotoiti we planned lunch at Top House, only to find it


Now, I am not a automobile aficionado, new or vintage, but I have to say

these suckers were prime specimens.

There must have been about 50 cars parked , all,of course, in perfect nick.

Look at that gracious running board....or is it a fender?

Beautiful colours, amazing shapes.

 Their very well heeled owners were ensconced in a marquee, laughing, chatting and generally having a great time.

 So we trundled down the mountain in our rent a dent and picked up sandwiches from the bakery in Wakefield ......very good they were too.


  1. Rent a Dent - that's funny!! Must say I would love a ride in that blue convertible (not now, of course, but in the summer when it's warm).

    1. My sil once had a vintage Morgan, I always felt my backside was just missing the road surface.


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