31 March 2014

Nelson Market

Two very appealing stalls at the Nelson Saturday morning market.


 First up'Piccalilli'. Deborah makes enchanting clothes for little boys and girls using re-cycled vintage blankets. ( lots available, and kiwis know their wool)

 They are very well made and  have a lovely, gentle, old fashioned look....... A.A.Milne or  1930s Nursery Rhymes . Heirloom garments for sure,  that also sell on Felt, the NZ craft site.
Note the handmade buttons and the blanket labels.

I was also very taken with Atticusfinch. Using up-cycled fabric, specially wool, Shelley's hand made clothing and accessories

 have more of a Brothers Grimm, or Hans Christian Anderson  folk lore look. I think the above cap is straight out of Hansel and Gretel.

Now, all I need is a toddler to buy for.


  1. Those little jackets are so cute!!

  2. Aaaargh! Those coats are absolutely adorable. Sometimes I wish my girls were tots again (but only sometimes!!). A much better use for vintage blankets than using them for my dogs' beds but, of course, much more work. They look impeccably made especially when you think of having to work with such thick material.

  3. For a few years I was able to buy felt clothes ..at the mrket so unique for the boys..but they are too old now..
    That jacket:)
    Sew sew cute..and the hat:)

  4. Oh how cute! I don't think I would be able to resist spending some money on at least one of those.

  5. I do love those woollen jackets....I could do with a toddler too. Not one to keep, one to borrow for an hour or so....can you tell I am hankering after grand children?

  6. Hello I found your blog! Thank you so much for your kind words and I love the description of what I do. It's always so wonderful to hear people liking what I do. I so hope our paths cross again it was a real pleasure meeting you. Best regards Deborah @ www.piccalilli.co.nz

  7. hello there,
    i have just read this now, i no longer sell at this market but you can see my creations on etsy. i am still making fairytale inspired clothing for children as well as adults, : )
    hope you are well,
    shelley etsy.com/shop/atticusfinchnz


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