10 March 2014

A day at the docks

Port Nelson opened its gates to the public last weekend. The port hold an open day every three years for visitors to see its facilities and operations.

Our house is high on the hill above the port so we strolled down,

  to see the cranes and containers up close and personal.

 I had thought that the containers  were lifted by giant magnets.....wrong. They are attached by strong ( very strong) twisting pins. The crane operators have such a exacting job they work 2 hours on,one hour off.

The port personnel, from stevedores to VPs    were on hand....ever so friendly and informative.

 Seems everyone  who was someone was there.

  PS. we got to clamber over all the boats, including the tugs.

1 comment:

  1. I got distracted by the links, especially the webcams. Unfortunately it's night time there so I couldn't see the sea properly. I have added the site to my bookmarks so that I can return in daylight! Sleep well....


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