16 August 2010

yard sale and knitting

Dropped by a yard sale on my way home from the market on Saturday...it was almost 2pm and not much left, BUT, 10 balls of 4ply ,I was a bit disappointed to find it was 75% acrylic, guess I didn't look too closely as I was so thrilled to find old yarn. Classic useful grey.

7 balls of wool crepe, nice chocolate color. I think these English yarns are from the 70s. It was so hot and humid I suppose nobody could bear the thought of winter wool.

and then, as I was chatting with the family they mentioned that they had just taken some linen back into the house, and I scored this fabulous, large linen cloth with wonderful cut work. I have not gone over it closely yet but it looks pretty good. Can't bear the thought if ironing it.

Do look at this blog from knitonthenet, a great post on intergenerational knitting. OK, OK, I did send them the photos. Funny I should pick up yarn this weekend....have not bought any for at least 4 months!! (take that back, 1 month)

A sweet mention from my artist friend Barbara Muir on her lively blog...she was the one who inspired me to blog and she also painted the portrait I use as an avatar.


  1. So what are your plans for the yarn? It's always cold here in San Francisco, so sadly I always have to think of warm clothes.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find yours. I've been enjoying reading it!!

  3. Thanks for comment on my blog too! You have so many beautiful things on your market stall. Drool, drool.

    Believe me, dyeing, especially indigo, is messy. Great for reviving old white table cloths though!


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