15 August 2010

Market Day and more

Yesterday at the Brickworks Farmers Market I was given a new spot! No walls....and I don't like change. However the position is great and I had very good feedback from the customers. I need to work on this a bit, as in, where do I put my chair? or, how to have a cohesive look (quilt rack is hidden at the back) I had a good day , sold a couple of lovely quilts (why oh why do I not take more photos, so sad that I will never see them again) and some vintage curling jackets.....again why do I not take photos of these good looking guys?, one mum bought a 50s Irish sweater for her 9-10 year old, what a handsome little boy, he looked great.

Deer Valley Venison had chickens today, such nice people to work with.

Pimenton, who make lovely Spanish food, having a good time
and look at this veg, from various farms. I love the way they look like fabric designs.

Came home to two lovely etsy treasuries. What is it with souvenir scarves these days? I'm not complaining , as they are always interesting,but yet another was featured in On the road again, curated by Heart City, a fun, quirky collection, put together with a sure eye.
and some vintage 60s quilt blocks in Yard Sale, put together by Saxib, colorful and pleasing, Check out her recycled, repurposed hair bands.


  1. Hi Jan
    Thanks for following. We just love the Farmers Market - we try and grow most of our own food and have a fantastic vegi, fruit and flower garden - we have a very fortunate life. Yes those quilts are priceless and you will never regret taking lots of photos of them.
    All the very best.

  2. Your new stall looks lovely - especially those quilts!


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