31 August 2010

getting near the end of the summer

Another sweater I knitted in the 80s...must say, I did a great job. I believe it was a Perry Ellis pattern from Vogue Knitting magazine. This Germen cotton went on for ever, I have, at least 3 baby sweaters from it, and more to come.
Don't know what happened to the color in the close up. Top pic shows the nice olive green.

This morning I ironed and priced a vintage lingerie basket, ready for the weekend markets.

Delighted to be featured in two atmospheric treasuries, both site/place specific, both with a subtle, soft, color scheme.
Late summer in the american south, featured my pillowcases and was put together by nocarnations, who specializes in 'everyday vintage

and che bella che sei, an Italian treasury that makes you want to book a ticket to Italy right away. This was put together by sunnysideavenue.....an embroiderer. Check out their stores!!!

Part of my lovely family on their way back to England....always a sad day.


  1. It's always so sad when the family is leaving. I left my parents 13 years ago and every time I visit them or the visit me it is so sad! Anyways, I'm sure you enjoyed having them with you for a few days :)

  2. A few days???? how about 7 weeks!...Still, I do miss them.

  3. love the ''knickers''!! Poor you saying goodbye to your family, where in England do they live? oh and I do love what I do, obsessed actually!

  4. Pretty wonderful blog! Thanks so much for the link!

  5. they live in Yorkshire, near Huddersfield. Ohhhhh, still missing my little one (big ones are not so bad, just teenagers)

  6. It is sad when family has to leave, but I'm sure you had a great visit. I love how your handmade items have lasted so long, it's a testament to the quality.

  7. that's not so far from me, small world! and karen T has answered your question in my comments....


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