03 September 2010

books, Hermes and more scarves

R bought me a new book...The Blanket, an illustrated history of the Hudson's Bay point blanket. Its quite interesting, I give it 7 /10.. nicely put together.. but did not really tell me much I did not know already. The examples of the labels is the most interesting page for me. It was ordered from Amazon and sent from the Calgary Goodwill (large chain of thrift shops here) good for them! I'm pleased the Goodwill is getting $9.99 for a book that most likely would have been priced at $1.99 on the shop floor.
I understand that R has another book coming for our anniversary this month....something beginning with H...see end of this blog.

On the way to the cabin I picked up a new (for me) Canadian magazine 'A Needle Pulling Thread"...its beautifully produced. I'm not interested in every article, ' A stitch in time...bringing an 18th century corset to life in the 21st century' appealed and I most likely will buy it again. Do look at it if you see it around or click on the link.

Some of my vintage scarves were featured in imaginative treasuries this week. all in the shop.

Scarves are the perfect item to collect. They are relatively inexpensive (if you shop were I do), the variety is infinite, they take up very little room,-at least 50 in a shoe box, easy to specialize- souvenir-floral-by the decade-animals-commemorative-color way-designer etc. AND you always have the right thing to jazz up your wardrobe.

from blazing autumn, put together by waterlilyjewels. a tasteful jeweler from Germany

from first light of dawn an all Canadian treasury. Dark Ride , another handcrafted jeweller, curated this.

and Coral Kiss, a warm and inviting page from Amarose, a talented photographer.

finally, a chenille spread was featured in sleepyhead. Do take a peek at these treasuries and the shops that put then together...all worthwhile.

Its the end of the week so it must be Hermes day


  1. This is fantastic. Glad you enjoyed my treasury. Anita (ArtByAmarose)

  2. Beautiful scarves, as ever!

  3. I always enjoy seeing what new scarves you have to offer us. I have always loved scarves although I don't wear them often. I have some old ones that I just keep holding onto because I can't bear to get rid of them!

  4. Thanks for telling me about the magazine. I visited the website but couldn't get the links to work but I'll check back. It looks great,

    Your scarves are divine. Love Hermes!

  5. Oh Jan,
    The chenille spread is wonderful! You are so lucky to have come across this treasure...

    Warm hugs,


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