08 September 2010

few days at the cabin

the girls ready to go to Chinatown, in an early Laura Ashley number and a 70s maxi....chosen from my stash!!

This week I got into a terrible temper with my knitting project, ripped it out and threw the offending yarn into the garbage (not like me) It was to have been a striped wee vest from the leftover yarn from the above 80s pig sweater....was it a Patricia Roberts pattern? I think I had bought some more (cheap) textured cotton to complete the check jacket using left over PR pig cotton and it just did not work...too lumpy.

To cheer myself up I photographed my new rocking chair (bought last week at St Lawrence market (the one where I did not make any money...no wonder!)

Also, my yarn stash cupboard at the cabin....this was found in the trash several years ago, R fixed it up for me.

Another lively sari in my shop featured in a clever Etsy treasury color gradation, put together by Tangentine, an interesting, off beat jeweler from Germany. I enjoy the way people from all over the world make these lists using anything, from anywhere, that catches their fancy. It makes the world a friendlier, warmer place.


  1. Love your yarn stash cupboard, what a great find!

  2. Wow-I can't believe someone threw your yarn cupboard away. The vintage lover in me admires the way it's fixed up-great look. Also love the 70s dresses.

  3. That cupboard was a great find.

    Thanks for the link to my shop, treasury and lovely comments :)

  4. I love that cupboard! I'm just knitting my first pair of socks and have had to start all over again so I know what you mean by a temper tantrum!!

  5. Sorry that your project didn't turn out...but I'm sure you will turn out something beautiful very soon. I love your red cupboard...red anything is my favorite!


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