10 September 2010

packing for a show

I have a big outdoor antique show to do tomorrow, cramming as much as I can into the van. A table and racks in first.

boxes and blankets next

just about done, plastic in case it rains and more display pieces.

Two of my pretty vintage scarves featured in treasuries yesterday. The classic polka dot in Black and White , put together by MmsVintage, who sells lovely vintage and antique jewelry.

A summery silk scarf featured in Oh so french. lovely things from ViolaBlush........ Both are in my etsy shop

Its the end of the week, so it must be Hermes day.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog and becoming a follower! I'll definitely be keeping the blankets, so much hard work went into making them.
    Well done in getting your items into treasuries and hope the antique show goes well, I don't think you'll get much else in that van! :) x


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