18 September 2010

bang,bang, bang.

Bang,bang, bang, crash,crash, crash...its been going on for a month now! Its the acorns!!! big and sharp as bullets this year. Above shows them at about 1 1/2" - 2". We live in an area that once was an oak forest (the local high school is Oakwood Collegiate) and the remaining trees are about 80 feet high. The acorns are raining down with such force I think the squirrels are up there with catapults or mini cannons.

I was selling at the Brickworks market this morning.... a rather modest day for me....alas I did not sell a single vintage blanket or antique quilt.

but here is a farmer in the rather bashed up Cowichan jacket he bought from me, 'just a poor farmer boy' is how he described himself

Scotch Mountain Meats gets ready for the day.

lovely organic mini squash in the morning sunlight

Today we were entertained by this classical trio.
As usual my breakfast was delivered right to my booth by Chezvous....scrambled, very fresh eggs.

Another market tomorrow...I'm a glutton for punishment.


  1. Nice pictures, as always:) Better luck next time, I think the blankets are beautiful.
    Thank you for visiting:))

  2. Sorry the sales weren't better, but it looks like it was a fun time.

  3. Hello I truly enjoyed looking at your photos. Sorry you did not have better sales. Quess what. We have countless Oak Trees and our acorn has been falling like rain for the last month. I do believe the squirrels help them along. I have some a photo of our acorn I posted on my blog today. Hugs Judy

  4. I hope you had more luck on the next day. Don't worry, sales will come :)


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