26 September 2010

garage sale

Today was our neighborhood yard sale (15 houses) The weather was fine, not too hot.
Quilts and other stuff waiting in the hall.

A customer having a good rummage. The ladder was left by the house painter (have not seen him for nearly a week and the job is not finished) could have sold it at least 8 times.
I sold most of the stuff really cheap...the Queen of fifty cents would have been proud of me.

Another customer loading an old shop dress rack I sold him.
Not a bad day but I sure worked hard and am exhausted. I have a couple of shelves free now, but knowing me it will not take too long to fill them up.


  1. Well done, true recycling! There is always someone who needs or wants what we no longer do:)

  2. I would have loved a couple of those quilts. :)

  3. Jan you are a busy gal! Did you sell all those beautiful quilts? Glad the weather cooperated.

    Warm hugs,

  4. I wish I could have come!


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